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Wife | Mom | Creative

Dyonna J. Smith is a Family Photographer, based out of Columbus, OH. 

She has been professionally photographing for over 5 years; specializing in Family, Maternity, and Motherhood Portraits. 

Dyonna’s love for photography began in high school, over 20 years ago! She describes it as as a vivid illustration of a memory that lasts forever and reminds you of “the good old days”. Immortalizing moments in time through photography helps us revisit precious memories in a way that is otherwise impossible.

When Dyonna isn’t photographing, she enjoys being a wife of 7 years, a boy mom of two, traveling, and snuggling with her fur baby ‘Dice’. 

At Dyonna James Photography, she provides a joyful, opulent, and memorable experience! 

Browse through her portfolio, schedule a Discovery Call, or BOOK NOW! 

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